Sunday, April 25, 2010

Diving with Friends

The ocean has been great for diving this past week.  I had the opportunity to go twice. Once on Thursday for the rescue dive class and the other on Friday just for fun with a few of my diving friends.  We took our own boat out on Friday with 5 of us divers aboard.  It was a perfect day.  Flat ocean, low current and super visibility.

I  began scuba just this year.  I was hooked after my first time.  I developed a real rapport with my dive buddy, Dirk, in the open water course.  We took the advanced open water together and just finished the rescue diver course yesterday. Dirk and I stayed with the same instructor, Catalina Aponte through all 3 courses.  Dirk and I were terribly spoiled as we were usually the only students, but we received great instruction and one on one attention.  We learned a lot and laughed a lot, laughing at times at the language barriers that occurr when you have a Colombian instructor teaching in English to an American and a Dutch. All in all it was a great life changing experience.  It saddens me that Catalina heads back to Colombia this Tuesday and Dirk leaves for Holland in 2 weeks.  I will miss them both, but will never forget them and our experiences we shared diving and becoming friends. 

I have become enthralled with ocean life.  I have a creature list, a coral list and a dive log.  My newest addition to the creature list is the green moray ugly its cute.   I spied it first and grabbed my tank banger to get the attention of the others. I am backing up some at this point because out little friend is slithering out of the crevice he was floating peacefully in.  I sucked more air than I really needed to but my heart rate elevated some and I admit he was a bit scary.  My friend Don had my camera.

Catalina said it best about Fridays' diving.  It was perfect (don't forget the Colombian accent!)

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