Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Running in St. Thomas

If I hadn't quit drinking I would not have run 7 miles on the boardwalk in St Thomas this morning.  I wouldn't even be on St Thomas right now helping our friend out with his boat.  Who knows where I'd be right now...but I am fairly certain I would not be in the Caribbean.  I do know I wouldn't be getting up in the wee hours of the morning to run.  I wouldn't be feeling this good and enjoying life.

If I hadn't quit drinking I'd be nauseous, guilt ridden, depressed, bloated and hungover. I observe friends and acquaintances drink to excess every day and witness the aftermath the next day....only to begin the process all over again...maybe in search of a different outcome, but there isn't.  Just the same old shit, different day.    Like the old me they are dependent  on alcohol.  It is sad.  It is sickening.  The tail is wagging the dog.  I am so glad it is not me anymore. I ran 7 miles on the boardwalk of St Thomas this morning!    

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